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PE Faq and Glossary



Hanging is probably the oldest form of device driven penis enlargement known to man and, for length gains, it is perhaps the most efficient method. Generations of African tribesmen, Peruvian Cholomecs and followers of the Indian Shaiva Naga Sadhu sect have hung weights from the penis, often with spectacular results, for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Even today, urologists specializing in penis lengthening procedures insist their patients hang penile weights after surgery to cement and improve on surgical gains.

The concept is simple - traction. Weight is attached to the penis using a hanger and over time the penis is progressively stretched producing permanent gains. Today there are literally dozens of hangers on the market but, caveat emptor, buyer beware! Many of these devices anchor on the skin or, more worryingly, on the glans which contains delicate nerve bundles. The most efficient hangers anchor on the internal stuctures of the penis shaft and progresively stretch these and the ligaments which anchor the penis to the pubic bone.

As with weight training at the gym, hanging is usually done in sets - often 3 sets each lasting 20 minutes with 10 minute rests between sets. During the intervals the hanger is loosened or removed and circulation is encouraged by light jelqing or massage.

There are many different positions for hanging. The most basic is the Seated Position - the penis is drawn out at 90 degrees and the weights are suspended over the edge of the chair. A more advanced position is BTC (Between The Cheeks). This position requires being semi-reclined with the legs elevated. The penis is pulled downwards between the legs (cheeks) enabling the weight to target the ligaments precisely. This position needs to be gradually worked up to.

Like all PE, hanging should be commenced at low intensity first then gradually increased over progressive weeks and months. A warm up with a hot wrap is also strongly recommended.