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PE Faq and Glossary



  • BC Bulbocavernosus muscle. This is the muscle which is flexed when kegeling. A detailed article is available in the archive: Locating the bc muscle
  • BP Bone Pressed is the penis measurement method used by doctors and researchers. We use it in PE to measure our progress. Measurements are taken from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis. More information is available in this Illustrated guide to measuring your penis
  • BPFSL Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length is taken pushing the ruler into the pubic bone and stretching the flaccid penis as far as possible. Those who find it hard to maintain an erection whilst measuring may find this method preferrable to BP length measurements.
  • BTC Between The Cheeks is a position for hanging.To hang BTC you need to recline in a chair with your feet resting on another chair.Your penis is pulled down between your legs (butt cheeks).It's an intense stretch and reportedly one of the most beneficial for hangers.
  • CC and CS Corpora Cavernosa Penis (Corpus Cavernosa) and the Corpus Cavernosum Urethrae (Corpus Spongiosum) are the cavernous tissue masses which fill with blood to produce an erection.
  • EG Erect Girth. Measurements for EG are usually taken mid-shaft although some advocate that it should be taken at the widest point of the penis. Others maintain girth should be measured at the head, middle and base. Whatever you choose, be consistent.
  • EL Erect Length. Unless otherwise noted this usually refers to Non Bone Pressed (NBP) erect length, measurement is taken by lightly resting a ruler at the base of the penis.
  • FG Flaccid girth.
  • FL Flaccid length.
  • IPR Inflammation, Proliferation, and Remodeling. The body's response to injury. In PE this relates to the postulation that desired injury inflicted by PE might be set by keeping the penis in an extended state for some time after workout, following this with a rest period before the next workout.
  • LOT Loss of tugback theory - a rough guide to the length of your ligaments. More information is available here: LOT theory 101. Various rebuttals of the LOT theory are available on the forum.
  • OTL Over The Leg is a position for hanging.
  • OTS Over The Shoulder is another position for hanging.
  • PC Pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle is often confused with the BC muscle because information on kegelling is often targeted at women.
  • PE Penis Enlargement. In this case we refer to methods which do not require surgical intervention.
  • SD Straight Down. Used to describe an angle when hanging or stretching, where the penis is pulled toward the floor while standing or an equivalent angle with the body in other positions.
  • SL Stretched Length. To measure stretched length grasp the penis with the thumb and forefinger on the corona and pull outward.
  • SO Straight Out. Pulling or hanging with the penis perpendicular to the body. May also refer to "significant other", i.e. a partner.
  • SU Straight Up. Stretching or hanging with the penis pulled up over the pubic bone pointing toward the chest.


  • Bib hanger
    A device used to hang weights from the penis. Originally a homemade hanger it was later developed into a commercial hanging device.
  • Bone Pressed
    The official method of measuring the penis. While standing (with an erection of course), take a ruler and measure from the pubic bone to the head. This is a bone pressed measurement. This is the most effective way to measure gains from PE.
  • Cementing Gains
    It is believed by many that you will lose recent gains made if you stop doing PE right after the gain. Doing a maintenance routine for 4 weeks is recommended to 'cement' the gain
  • Clamping
    An Extreme Uli performed using a cable clamp rather than a hose clamp.
  • Common Sense
    A requirement for PE. Without it you you serve the risk of injuring yourself or working for months without gaining anything beneficial.
  • Constriction
    Lesser used name for clamping.
  • Corpora Cavernosa
    The two chambers that run the length of the penis on either side, which are filled with spongy tissue. When you're aroused, blood flows into the spaces in the corpora cavernosa and causes them to expand, which results in your penis becoming erect. CC, remember?
  • Corpus Spongiosum
    The column on the underside of the penis which contains the urethra.
  • Crotch Watcher
    A person who likes to stare at strange men's packages.
  • Extreme Uli
    A mechanical form of the manual Uli#3 girth exercise. A hose clamp is used to trap blood in the penis, increasing the internal pressure.
  • Flaccid
    The penis in it's non erect state.
  • Foam Pipe
    A type of insulation which is used to cover copper pipes. Some people use it to put on their penises before attaching a hanger to avoid pinching. You can buy it at any home improvement center.
  • Fowfer
    A stretching exercise which involves drawing the penis behind and anchoring it by sitting on it. More information on the fowfer.
  • Frenulum
    The small sheet of skin on the underside of the penis which joins the glans to the foreskin.
  • Fundiform Ligament
    One of two ligaments which support the penis.
  • Glans
    The scientific term for the head of the penis.
  • Grower
    A grower is a man who has an average or below average flaccid size, but grows significantly to an average or above average erect size.


  • Hanger
    A device used to weight train the penis. The hanging device is attached to the penis, and some amount of weight is hooked to the end. The result is several pounds of extra weight pulling your penis down. An effective method of extending the length of your penis.
  • Hot Wrap
    A method of warming up and cooling down before and after PE. Hot wraps are beneficial and serve to prevent unnecessary injuries and soreness due to PE.
  • Injury
    Help stay injury free by warming-up, by starting with lower intensity exercises/lighter weights and gradually work up to high intensity over weeks or months. And if it hurts, stop! If you injure yourself your goals will take longer to achieve.
  • Jelq
    Also known as "milking the penis". This method is said to have been used for PE for thousands of years. Jelq is effective for expanding length and girth.
  • Kegels
    Also known as BC exercises. Kegels are a voluntary, repetitive contracting and relaxing of the BC muscle.
  • Lube
    A lubricant can help you get the most out of your Jelqing session. Some prefer KY or Vaseline, others use their own mixtures of different oils. The choice is yours. Lubricant suggestions.
  • Manual Stretch
    A method used to lengthen the penis. It involves grabbing the penis at the head and pulling in several different direction. This is supposed to stretch the tissues and ligaments in the penis.
  • Meatus
    The opening of the urethra.
  • Measuring
    This is very obvious but if you don't measure, how will you know if you have gained? Make sure you learn how to measure and do it properly before you start.
  • Milking
    See Jelq
  • Over Training
    Is a phenomenon where too much training actually works against gains. To realize the best gains rest days are essential. Also see Rest.
  • PC muscle
    Commonly mistaken for the BC muscle.
  • Penis
    The male reproductive organ. The average size is disputed, most Internet surveys claim around 6"; closer to 5.5" is probably a little more accurate.
  • Peyronie's disease
    A condition which causes an unnatural bend in the erect penis. In extreme cases it causes painful erections and difficulty in performing intercourse. It has been said that jelqing in the opposite direction of the bend can help to correct this problem somewhat.
  • Phalloplasty
    Surgical penis enlargement.
  • Plateau
    After making gains, when a person has reached a point of very slow or no gains, he is said to have reached a plateau. When a plateau is reached, they can often be broken by varying or changing the person's PE routine.
  • Prostate
    The main purpose of the prostate is to produce seminal fluid, which transports sperm during ejaculation.
  • Pumping
    Using a vacuum pump to inflate the size of one's penis. There are ongoing arguments as to whether this method is safe or effective; with caution pumping is relatively safe. However, this method alone will likely not result in any permanent gains. Members only Pumper's Forum.


  • Red Dots
    Red dots may occur on the head and on the shaft of the penis after you start jelqing. This is from small capillaries bursting. These spots will go away in a couple of days. Hot wraps will reduce the likelihood of red spots.
  • Rest
    Without rest days your progress could be significantly impeded.
  • Rice Sock
    A quick, easy hotwrap that isn't messy. It's simply a sock filled with uncooked rice, tied closed, nuked until warm/hot.
  • Routine
    This is your own personal PE program. Before you start arm yourself with knowledge by reading and set yourself some realistic goals. Take into account considerations such as how much time you can spend on your new hobby. Always start low intensity with any new exercise and if it hurts, stop! Give your routine a chance to work but if you're not seeing anything happening after a couple of months then don't be afraid to change it and experiment. PE takes time and it will not happen overnight but, in most cases, it *will* happen. Try to remember that PE is not a competition - just because someone else hangs 20lbs doesn't mean that you will need to do the same to see results. You may only need to hang 10lbs to achieve similar results - we are all made differently and what works for some may not necessarily work the same way for others.
  • Shock Routine
    A shock routine is basically when a person substitutes a long, strenuous PE workout followed by several days of rest, instead of a regular consistently scheduled routine. Good for breaking plateaus, but not good for newbies. You should have done PE for several weeks to 2 months before you should attempt one. Example shock routine.
  • Shower
    A shower is a man who has more to show (while flaccid) but doesn't gain a proportional amount when erect. He has an large flaccid size, but only average or slightly above average erect size.
  • Size Queen
    A person who has sexual relations exclusively with guys who have large penises.
  • Squeeze Exercises
    Girth or head enlarging exercises done by squeezing one area of the penis thereby forcing blood into another area, causing above normal engorgement in the target area. More information on squeezes.
  • Supplements
    Various chemicals and herbs taken to increase circulation and/or libido. They will NOT, by themselves, make your penis grow. This goes for any "Magic" penis pills on the market. More information is available in the members only Supplements Forum.
  • Suspensory Ligament
    One of two ligaments which support the penis.
  • Swimcap
    A method of hanging weights from the penis. Instructions on how to make a swimcap hanger.
  • Thera-band
    A stretchy, elastic, rubber-like material which is used for physical therapy. It is useful to wrap the penis before attaching a hanger, to avoid pinching of the skin.
  • Thrombosis
    A condition in which one of the penile veins bulge out, harden, and become painful. Basically a blood clot. This can be the result of overzealous jelqing or pumping. Hot wraps, an aspirin a day and no PE will help with the recovery.
  • Traction Wrapping
    Wrapping the penis to maintain a longitudinal stretch after hanging. More information on traction wrapping.
  • Tunica
    The thick, fibrous sheath that covers the corpora cavernosa.
  • Uli
    The Uli#3 is a girth exercise invented by Ulistretch.
  • Urethra
    The passage through which urine flows.
  • V-Stretch
    A variation on manual stretching where you pull your penis out with one hand and press down on the shaft with the other hand. Variously adapted to the Inverted V-Stretch and A-Stretch.
  • Wrapping
    Wrapping strips of fabric, Thera-band or swimcap material around the penis to assist in various PE exersizes.