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Uli's and Squeezes

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Uli's and Squeezes

The Uli #3 is a method for gaining girth, particularly around the head. Basically, you get a partial erection , grab your penis with the OK grip a couple of inches behind the head, and trap blood between where your fingers are holding and the head of your penis. Then you pull toward the head, forcing the blood toward the head, engorging the area to the max.

There are many similar exercises being performed here. Most involve grabbing at the base , trapping as much blood as possible, and pulling forward, forcing it toward the head. Sizemeister's routine has some examples of some of these exercises.

The extreme ULI uses a clamp at the base of the penis to trap the blood. The clamp is tightened to prevent outflow and then to prevent both inflow and outflow of blood on a semi erect penis. Again this increases the pressure in the penis expanding the tissue.

Jelq Squeeze

The Jelq squeeze is an exercise developed by HughJorgan9. It target's girth well, and is easy to comprehend if a little hard to accomplish initially. With practise it can be very effective, so effective in fact that beginning PEers should be very wary of it.

With a partial erection, create a grip at the base to trap the blood. With the other hand perform a normal jelqing motion, above the first hand. Swap hands every 5 or so strokes. Normal jelqing uses fresh blood with each stroke, this method traps the blood and increases the pressure dramatically.


Horse 440

The Horse 440 is another exercise which really attacks girth. With a partial erection, create a grip at the base of the penis. With the second hand create a small ring (very small) with the thumb and forefinger, then force this over well lubricated glans until it locks in just behind, forcing the blood out of the glans and the top of the CC.

hold this for 30 seconds , holding a kegel at the same time can aid the tourniquet grip at the base and intensify the exercise. Repeat this several times, and place t in your rotuine after a fair amount of jelqing. Avoid this exercise if you are less than two months into your PE experience, it can easily cause thrombosis if over done and you will overdo it.

A variation on this is to with the second hand squash the blood out of the glans and the top of the CC with an over hand fist.